Friday, August 27, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S: Ultra High Screen and DivX HD Certification

Samsung Galaxy S is a great phone and it seems that Samsung Galaxy S is now better.Ultra  High Screen and DivX HD Certification for the new Samsung Galaxy S.Remember the Samsung Galaxy S  vs iPhone 4comparison. ? On the Galaxy S Samsung Mobile is a great little we doubt but fabulous specifications today we must add a couple more. Since Samsung has announced two big news: Gorilla protection will Glass, as we have told our fellow Joystiq today, and that just passed the certification DivX HD. Samsung Galaxy S is a great phone and it will have a big success.

Who does he ever dropped your cell phone? This is more common than we think. But when it comes to that we have a phone that has only screen, which you have tied 18, 24 or months are probably a carrier and you have a rate tied to whether voice, data or both, is really frustrating to see how your phone is falling through the air, seconds slower than your life, and finally you find that your screen is broken. In that respect Samsung has decided to use Gorilla Glass protective layer that protects your screen AMOLED Super 4 “, to avoid multiple scratches, bumps, and others. In general: make it more resistant and durable. I think that with that new upgrades,Samsung Galaxy S is much better than Apple Iphone 4.
On the other band,Samsung Galaxy S has achieved DivX HD Certification, becoming the first Android to get this certification playback HD content.
No doubt Samsung is putting the batteries and as they say our friend Carlos, in the comparison which I quoted at the beginning, it is unfortunate that the software does not accompany such a great product.

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